Please note: this book is under development and contains some unproofed and incomplete sections.

Welcome to Hanno's User Experience Playbook.

Why a UX Playbook?

The role of a UX designer is to build connections between the users, the business and the product itself:

  • You need to satisfy your users and build a product that meets their needs.
  • You need to onboard developers with your design and make sure it's technically feasible.
  • You need to make sure business goals are met.

In order to achieve this, you need to constantly talk to all 3 groups and have a great process to make that possible.

But the nature of UX is that it's impossible to create a totally linear, step-by-step process.

This Playbook will show you many different skills and tools that can be a part of a great UX design process. Once you've absorbed them, you'll be able to build your own process for each project you work on and modify the tools to suit your needs!

Why did we write this?

We had 2 aims in pulling this content together:

  1. To provide a practical guide to UX design for those involved in building products. Even if you're not a UX designer, having a general understanding of how a UX process works can be very valuable.
  2. To educate Hanno shipmates, improve our team understanding of good UX and to develop a common language and set of resources that we can all share for our project work. This will result in smoother and better design sprints, and ultimately better products.


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