There are 2 key processes to know about when considering UX. These are:

  • User-centered design
  • Goal directed design

They have a lot of overlap, and differ mainly in how they suggest approaching the problem at hand. It's good to know about both of them, as they will allow you to choose a UX design approach which is best for the task at hand.

TODO: Explain a bit more about when you should choose each process. Even some basic hints or guidance would help, as right now, they seem so similar that it's almost pointless creating a distinction between the two.

User-centered design (UCD)

As you might expect, UCD has the user as its core focus.

User centered design process

TODO: Re-create image, find one which we can use. Explain what this image is communicating.


  • Understand your users, and design for their needs
  • Avoid jargon: use natural language that the user can understand
  • Provide consistent design
  • Build a conversation with your users
  • Advocate iterative design
  • Conduct regular user testing

Goal-directed design

This is a fairly similar process to UCD, but the main aim is to go deeper in building out understanding of your users. When carrying it out, you'll need to uncover the user's needs, and provide a design which helps them to reach their goals.


  • Based on your user research, create a persona which highlights the user's goals
  • Use this persona extensively
  • Advocate pair design
  • Take responsibility over your user's satisfaction

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