UX Playbook

How to consume this information

You're probably familiar on some level with a lot of stuff here. The aim of reading and learning these is to organise your thoughts and develop a common understanding around topics which we use every day.

Zsolt recommends that you gradually work your way through the whole playbook to get a feel for the overall approach, before returning to look at specific techniques and skills when you need to use those on sprints. The more of the recommended deeper reading you can handle, the better informed you will be!

To kick-off the reading, let's start with some basic UX principles and different UX processes.

Are you a beginner?

We've put together a comprehensive list of resources for getting into UX, and becoming a better UX designer, in our UX #levelup wiki. We'd recommend heading over there before you get started here, as it'll give you some good guidance.


All shipmates are encouraged to contribute to areas of this Playbook where they feel the detail is weak. Just keep in mind a couple of guidelines:

  • We're not trying to write the most comprehensive guide to UX ever. Where others have explained things better, link to their resources or reading, and offer a summary.
  • Try to be as lean and practical as possible in your suggestions. There are lots of big, heavy UX guides--the UX Playbook should be a lot more practical than these.

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